The Bridge CDC’s ShopRVA Task Force

Who: The ShopRVA Task Force is a group of community advocates and business owners committed to helping significantly expand the culture of ShoppingRVA, supporting locally owned businesses, to benefit local consumers, aspiring entrepreneurs, local causes, locally owned businesses and the quality of life of the Greater Richmond area.

What: ShopRVA is an initiative to consistently encourage Greater Richmond area residents and visitors to primarily support locally owned and operated business instead of businesses headquartered outside of the Greater Richmond area.

Vision: To make Richmond a leading city in the nation for entrepreneurship, internship, diversity and quality of life.

Challenge:  Substantial portions of businesses operating in the Greater Richmond area are large nation or multinational corporations whose headquarters are located outside of Greater Richmond and/or the Commonwealth of Virginia. Most of the large chain businesses in Greater Richmond disproportionately benefit employees and communities outside of Greater Richmond; and tend to negatively affect the environment, the viability of local businesses, wages, local entrepreneurship and the economic diversity of Greater Richmond.

Campaign Purpose: To empower Greater Richmond to preserve the culture that is unique to Richmond, VA, foster an atmosphere of equity and opportunity, help raise the quality of life for all Greater Richmond residents, and substantially support its locally owned and operated businesses.

Campaign Goal: To inform the public of the vast benefits of ShoppingRVA, inform the public of the specific locations of locally owned businesses and unite the separately operating shop local initiatives. 

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