To transform Richmond into a city where upward socio-economic mobility is easily accessible to all.

We will do this by:
· Supporting human services organizations to ensure effective and immediate results
· Uniting human services organizations to treat not only the symptoms, but the source of a problem
· Creating new and innovative human services programs


To improve lives by reducing socio-economic barriers by creating strategic collaborations throughout Richmond, Virginia.

History and Accomplishments

The Bridge Community Development Corporation (The Bridge CDC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 2005 by local Christian college students who sought effective ways to create positive change in the Richmond community. 

After becoming incorporated in 2006, the Executive Director and volunteers of The Bridge CDC participated in an intensive ESL training with leaders from over eight other ESL programs throughout Richmond, VA.  The Bridge CDC then launched its own ESL program where more than 100 students receive ESL instruction and training per semester. 

In 2007, the Bridge CDC enlisted the help of ESL professionals, research specialists, community leaders, and community residents to conduct a thorough assessment of ESL programs in Richmond and the population they serve.  This research was used to initiate the ESL Collaborative Network (ECN).  The ECN is a growing association of existing ESL programs in Greater Richmond dedicated to providing quality services to nonnative English speakers through collaboration. 

During the spring of 2009, The Bridge CDC had the desire to respond to the economic crisis that overtook the U.S.  The Bridge CDC joined forces with surrounding churches in the Richmond community to provide time and resources to those in need.  This effort was known as “Relief 101.”  Over 500 nonperishable items along with basic baby necessities were donated during this project. 

In 2010, The Bridge CDC launched a new initiative to boost the industry of local businesses in the Richmond community.  This project is known as “Shop RVA.”  In three months time, Shop RVA recruited 70 locally owned and operated businesses, donated 2,400 volunteer hours, and hosted the Shop Richmond Weekend Kick-off all in an effort to strengthen the Richmond economy and create jobs.  Shop RVA was only the beginning of a year-long push to spur a culture of 'Shopping Richmond'.  In the near future, Shop RVA will be kicking off the Shop RVA Internship Program, a program for young adults to volunteer for a local business, gain real work experience, and encourage the creation and/or expansion of local businesses.

The Bridge CDC has been effective in reaching our program goals, because of our extensive network of partners. Today, we provide 4 ESL sites, 2 GED sites.

The Bridge will add one ESOL program is Eastern Henrico and one GED program in South Richmond in 2014.



The most exciting development of The Bridge CDC is our ESL International Network, a referral service. The Bridge CDC’s EIN will provide reputable public and private schools in nations where English is a foreign language, particularly S. Korea and Japan, with qualified and culturally well-rounded English teachers. The Bridge CDC will also ensure that our teachers are referred to reputable schools outside of English-speaking countries as well as partnering recruiting organizations. We are committed to making sure our teachers are placed with organizations that will help them excel professionally and socially.

This project is currently being developed and we will provide more information as it becomes available.

Our active Board of Directors is comprised of childcare business owners, education administrators, teachers within Henrico Public Schools and U.S. Army personnel.

The Bridge CDC continues to strive towards excellence in the nonprofit sector.

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